Mahalakshmi &Emam
Performance Promo
vocals, keyboard
tabla & dumbak
Vocalist/keyboardist Mahalakshmi and percussionist Emam bring an unforgettable musical experience of all original music written for the heart & soul.
With heart-warming lyrics, catchy melodies, invigorating rhythms by Emam on tabla & dumbak and Mahalakshmi's innocent and captivating voice, this is a duo worth presenting to your audience.

Emam & Mahalakshmi are available to perform as a duo or bring in other high quality musicians to become a trio, a quartet or a full ensemble.
Sample Music
On The Same Tree

All That Exists


In The Womb

Download promo photos of our duet here.

Our Ensemble - MahaMaya Band

Please contact us to schedule a performance at your venue.
Emam +91-855-2800-775