Mahalakshmi & Emam
Mahalakshmi and Emam
about us
For over 35 years, I have been bringing musicians together, from various styles of music and cultures, to record, produce and perform original music. For many years, I used the name Emam & Friends as the band name to perform and release the albums. I have had the pleasure and fortune of featuring incredible artists performing and recording my compositions.

I have been a student of tabla since 1979 and in 1989, I founded a world music label called Eternal Music. To date, I have produced 23 albums all released by Eternal Music, including 17 Emam & Friends albums, an album by Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia and one by Ustad Zakir Hussain.

In 2013, I met Mahalakshmi and six years later we got married. At first, she was the lead singer for Emam & Friends, then came the lock-down for Covid and we had a chance to spend a lot more time together. During this time, we recorded and produced albums together and decided to use the name Mahalakshmi & Emam as our band name.

We are excited to bring you new pieces with a touch of what each of us brings.
We hope you enjoy it!

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For twenty five years, I have been singing, playing piano, and writing songs, solo. In music, I found a direct way to experience and express my true self. Songs mysteriously arrived in my mind, fully formed, without any conscious doing on my part. They had in them the wisdom I needed to find my way. It became clear that I had a unique channel to a deeper knowing through music and I felt a duty to follow the music, where ever it would take me.

In 2013, I met Emam after asking my spiritual Guru for a companion with whom I could have a musical life. Emam taught me a great deal about Indian classical music including the wonderful brain-expanding rhythms. He brought me to India and I continued to learn more about Hindustani and devotional music.

Emam's original melodies and music have made a deep impression on me for their simplicity and beauty. Over the years together, I've incorporated chords to his melodies and sang them with the piano, while he played tabla and dumbak. Many of these pieces were released under his band Emam & Friends.

When Covid hit, we were working on an album that featured more of my pieces than the previous Emam & Friends albums. It was a full collaborative effort, and because we were doing everything together, we decided to call our band Mahalakshmi & Emam.

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